Shining gem

During my visit to my family in my homeland, despite not so good weather, we managed to do a few good hikes…We would check the weather forecast on the evening and organize our walk for the following day.

This is Emosson Dam, on the border of France. This is quite re-known for its dinosaurs marks or traces, which are really impressive (for the non-dinosaur-marks-specialist that I am!). The other gem is the omnipresence of the magnificent mountains and lakes…

We hiked for a bit, had a break and then continued, leaving my parents behind. I tell you, we suffered. The mountain girl that I used to be has walked too many flat lands… and it is already something to go up and up and up, as we were motivated by the view from the top. But then, we had to go down…..oh my….












For the next few posts, I will bring Switzerland to you… and a bit of Venezia as well…

To start with, a few pictures of Greg, my cousin who inspires me so much! Greg does cheese traditionally up at the ‘Alpage’ each summer. Four cheeses per day, using 1400 liters of milk each time!!! Seriously!
Every time I witness this, I am amazed and humbled by this ancient knowledge continued. Simple hard work really!







and the reward…Macaroni de Chalet with home made cheese, fresh cream…