You see, I want a lot.
Perhaps I want everything
the darkness that comes with every infinite fall
and the shivering blaze of every step up.
So many live on and want nothing
And are raised to the rank of prince
By the slippery ease of their light judgments
But what you love to see are faces
that do work and feel thirst.
You love most of all those who need you
as they need a crowbar or a hoe.
You have not grown old, and it is not too late
To dive into your increasing depths
where life calmly gives out its own secret.

― Rainer Maria Rilke
Book of Hours: Love Poems to God


I don’t know about you but writing my most personal thoughts, the darker and ugliest ones, the hopeful ones…has helped me immensely through the years, to find my way, some direction or peace. It helped me to debrief arguments, to understand the build up of my anger, to take myself by the hand when I was sad. It’s a bit like an old faithful friend who knows you so well, who will always be here when you need it.

I don’t write as much anymore… perhaps writing a blog has distracted me from this close relationship with my inner self; or perhaps embracing creativity has helped me to express those parts of me that were kept quiet for so many years…Anyway, writing is a good thing, I say…;)

The wonderful Lisa Sonora has created the 30-Day Journal Project…If you always wanted to start a journal, this could be the time…


Go on, sign up! it’s free;)



my birthday today…
and feeling immensely grateful!
Thank you World!
my family, my dear friends, my love. Thank you!
I am reflecting of my 44 years of life and feeling amazed of the journey…but most, the people who are part of it!! from a distance, from the past, or the present,
from a moment
to the Eternity…
I have you with me.