This idea of a blog came to me after a long process of three years, where I thought I had lost myself through migration and marriage, and where hope and creativity had shrinked and almost disappeared from my life. I thought I would never find this place of contentment and desire again. The exhaustion of trying and failing over and over, or at least, the feeling of it, was consuming me, transforming my thoughts into mud and tears.

I knew though, that I would be able to stand again… that I’d be strong enough to battle the storm… didn’t know when and how.. and I must say, I was getting pretty tired of it all!

We had this dream, my husband and I, that we would leave this place, sometime soon. I had arrived three years ago and never liked this place. Hervey Bay, Queensland, was far too quiet after stunning Auckland, New Zealand. No waves, no fancy restaurant, no Moochi. No Sue, No Dheepa. No ‘I’m alone and feel safe in the world’ anymore. Moving never was difficult for me, always ready to pack my bags. Ready for a new adventure. Alone. Easy. Adventurous. Enjoying the envy projected by people. Single. Happy. Alone. Lonely but safe.

I bit my lips several times since I moved here though, thinking that I should have been wiser, that I should have listened to my inner voice. That my loneliness was finally not that bad.

Yes. But no!

This time, I was not alone. two. a couple. married. happy.

Happy? hmmm…

Tough is the learning, long is the adaptation… was it worth it? I started to doubt..

Adaptation to a new country, a new culture, to a relationship and a husband! wow.. anything else? maybe a family with this?

This is my victory, my cry to growth..YES it is worth it. to be two instead of one. to feel and live and care as we and I, instead of I and me.

I am laughing now… Starting to truly believe that IT is possible. Being a couple, being in a relationship.

Trust. Love. Growth.

And it is not all… because this blog is not about relationship!

This blog will be about our trip to Darwin, our discoveries of new lands, new people, amazing sceneries of course, in this land of Australia, with endless roads of bitumen or red dirt. This will be also about our hopes, our fears, our shared vision, our intimate desire to create something that is close to our hearts and souls.

I want to give some credits to my dear friend Anne, who I follow mainly through her blog now. It’s been many years now that we have both left our native Switzerland. As the distance separates us, the technology keeps our friendship updated. I enjoy looking and discovering her pictures and creations through her blog. Her energy and her creativity always have been appealing and attracting to me. She inspires me to have a go…to believe that I can do more as well. To Sue of course, who is a great believer in creativity and women’s power, and who is always encouraging me to connect with my power and my creativity… to connect to the best I can be. ‘Choose your identity’.

And to my darling husband, who always believed in me, who could always see my light, despite bewilderment and despair (mine mainly). Who supported me completely, who didn’t shiver through the long storm. To my husband, who is teaching me how to love. Thank you. I love you and admire you.

This is a creative process.. of life!


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. this is deeply touching my dear friend and sister-in-spirit…your words, so authentic and moving, resonating with my own story. i am privileged to be part of your journey and to have you in mine..I look forward to your unfolding pathway to Darwin, no doubt it will be filled with your creative flavour and colour (i hoope we get to see lots of your artwork – your wedding invite painting for example has inspired me in so many ways!!).
    Yayyy to your blog!!

  2. Thank you so much Dheepa! I feel encouraged by your response and enthousiasm. I am still figuring out how it works..I’d like to have a gallery to post picture during our trip.. whatch the spot! Yayyyy to you too dear friend!!

  3. Oh ma Cherie… and your light is so BIG. You are so open, honest and vulnerable, so magnificent! I am so excited you are sharing your gift with us! Thank you my Carolette,
    you inspire me!

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