This could be the end of this blog..

I am not sure what to write now, not sure about having any inspiration or the time to write even… maybe this was just a big narcissistic mistake to make myself feel better.. to make me feel I exist.

Don’t I know I exist?

Oh but wait a minute… it was about sharing our discoveries on our way up to Darwin…

And our preparation…

and my thoughts…

There it is…

I am ready. Ready to leave behind the sweet tranquility of Hervey Bay, the boring bit, the secure bit, the lovely memories, the horrible ones, the work I cannot flourish in, the beach of so many walks, of so many hopes…

I am ready to share the story. The struggle and the laugh. The joy, the pain. And no, this is not a narcissistic act…This is a creative one, which I need to remind myself constantly…to free myself of my very own critical eye!

All of this must mean something…and I guess, writing about it will help me to find it.



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