Getting ready

The thing is, when you travel in Australia, you have to prepare your trip. It’s not like throwing a few bags in the back of the car and driving for an hour or two. Two CDs and a snack. You prepare.

And we are. Preparing our trip. Thinking about it. From every corner. Thinking. Checking. Thinking. And checking again. Creating things for the trip, for the car, for the fishing rods, for the roof rack, for the fridge. Good idea! Have you thought of this? What about that? Water. Fuel. Safety. Endless. This is very stimulating and exciting.

Our journey will take us through two states and one territory. We will leave behind the Pacific Ocean on the East coast of Australia, and traverse some plains and hills to reach the Simpson Desert and pretty rough roads. We will cross the border from Queensland to the Northern Territory, which will lead us to Alice Springs and Uluru. Then we will take the Tanami Road, through the desert of the same name. Dirt and endless corrugated road that will take us to Western Australia and to Broome. And the Indian Ocean. We will head to Cape Levesque. And then through the Kimberley. Back into the Northern Territory and Katherine. And final stretch to Darwin. Timor Sea.

Here is our itinerary..

Stimulating, exciting and a little bit scary!!

Big leap.


6 thoughts on “Getting ready

  1. What great respect you show for this land and it’s vastness. Sure there will be challenges but together (with M and Ernie) you will mark your path along this Great Southland. So very exciting!

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