Ligthning Ridge – NSW

Lightning Ridge is an interesting place.. The opal rush is long over, though miners are still digging.

photo (16)

Rough place where rough people have landed. Scenery modified forever. Carcass of old rusted cars and trucks left wherever they stopped functioning. Piles of silica stones everywhere. Holes. Piles. Holes. And piles. Weird constructions. Shacks built out of recycled stuff.. corrugated iron, bits and pieces put together. Rough lives. Rough choices. Desolation. Some have made a fortune, many are still looking. Indeed a few will keep looking and digging. People still hope..what if I find a big one..and finding themselves never ending looking.

lightning ridge - opal field

This rugged land is amazing, full of scars and yet beautiful, isolated, intense. People living here are passionate about their place, they love sharing a story…an opal story.. They are originals, marginals.. ‘you have to be weird to live here honey..’.

IMG_4494 IMG_4495 IMG_4496

But not only..

lightning ridge - old house

photo (17)

Glengarry Hilton – a world famous

photo (21) photo (20)

photo (18)

photo (19)




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