Quest as life

It’s not easy to embrace life fully. Think about it. We grow up through childhood and teenage years without knowing what life is about, and become adult with hopes and dreams, still ignorant for most of us what life means.We live those early years of life without much awareness. And then we start waking up slowly. We learn lessons, gain some wisdom, get hurt, experience various joy, success and disappointment, try to figure out directions and meanings. Things, people and experiences will change us, define us, modify our direction and our goals. We will get lost or find ourselves, fall in love, leave, come back to our roots, leave again. And so on. Beautiful and endless learning.


So how do we fulfill our destiny through the path we choose? How do we know that we are doing the right thing for self, for our soul? How do we know we are on the right track? How many of us will find their passion? How many of us will flourish? How many will walk straight with their purpose in mind? How many of us will settle for less or give up their quest?

This is an enormous task put on our shoulders..and yet, the most amazing adventure if we decide to embrace life fully and consciously.

Thankfully we will cross path with this inspiring teacher or that amazing book. We will discover a bit of the mystery of life on a corner of a road. But still, life will remain mysterious and complex. And also, at a practical level, quite demanding.

At 42, I know I am on my path. I have no doubt about it and this brings reassurance to me through moments of doubts and fear like now! I do remember a time where I embarked in someone else’s path. It didn’t feel right. You know when it happens. This one is mine. But I am still wondering…


Perhaps the quest is the purpose..


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