It’s when we leave that we realize how much we are attached. I left my job last Friday. I was dreading this moment as I knew it would be difficult to say good bye. It was not about my job there, it was all about people. So my last day was quite emotional. I didn’t feel for leaving anymore. I just wanted to stay there and get back into my routine. We know it’s not true. I am ready to go. But I am reflecting today on how much this time here means to me. And how important friends are to my heart.

So my friends, thank you for making me welcome in your hearts, thank you for sharing your stories, for listening to mine, thank you for grabbing my hand, thank you for pushing me further, showing me another way. I am grateful of you being part of my life. Me part of yours. As I prepare to leave on a new adventure, I will take you with me.

photo (25)


2 thoughts on “Attached

    • Thank you Jacqui. It’s a print on a bag and new heart stones I found recently. I do love that image ! I sent you an email via zigodor@gmail showing you the collage I’ve just done. Very happy with the result!

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