sur le chemin du zigodor

Life lessons happen all the time. Sometimes you are aware of it, sometimes you realise long time afterwards.

One of them is learning about endurance and tenacity.

Imagine an unbearable situation. You hate it, it repels you.. You get pushed from side to side, thrown on the floor, ashamed by your own weaknesses, vulnerable. Your mind goes through various strategies to exit.. you want to go now, you have to. Your survival instinct tells you to. You cannot imagine another moment with this excruciating pain…now…it is NOW!

You have left before, so why wouldn’t you this time? You have survived it, you dealt with the consequences, processed them, you managed the reconstruction… It was hard but you managed it!

But this time, it’s different. This time, you cannot run away, you cannot change job or husband or girlfriend, you cannot escape from this tricky situation.. It’s unbearable and painful, you…

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