Monkey mind

I didn’t write much for quite some time… Not that I don’t have anything to say… probably the opposite in fact. So much is happening in my mind and in my heart that there is no room for else…

No straight thoughts. Nor calming. Just an enormous flow of mixed feelings. Excitement. Fear. Doubt. Joy. Anticipation. Hope. And so on..It’s mad! The monkey is crazy!

Only a few days now before our departure into the wild.. Have you seen the movie “Into the Wild”? Well..our adventure won’t be the same kind of cut-loose from society portrayed in this amazing movie. But it will be about (re-)connecting with our soul, with ourselves, connecting with the land, discussing with it in a different language.  I am looking foward to be far away, to be isolated and looking at the big big sky… to be in the desert or on a different beach with a different ocean..

Until then, I will feel a little bit crazy..

bird  jellyfish etc 007

Check this out… on Radio National this week.

Monkey Mind

Anxiety is an essential human emotion but it’s important to distinguish between normal day to day worry and an actual anxiety disorder. It can manifest in a range of forms including obsessive compulsive disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety and panic attacks. New Yorker Daniel Smith has lived with chronic anxiety, or his ‘Monkey Mind’,  for most of his life and says it’s the only mental disorder which can be both excruciatingly painful and funny at the same time. Hear about what eventually helped him manage his intense worrying.


2 thoughts on “Monkey mind

  1. Coucou belle Caro!!
    Nous avons une belle pensée pour toi aujourd’hui et te levons notre verre du Québec!
    Bonne et nourrissante aventure à toi et ton bel amoureux!
    Céline, Benoit et Jacinthe xxx

    • Oh my goodness quelle belle surprise Jacs!!!! Ca me chauffe le coeur en ce matin frais a Uluru!!! Je pense a Vous tous toujours😘xxx

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