No strings attached

So we left our home. We left the known, our comfort, the security, the easiness. Homeless. Jobless. Free. No strings attached. Free!

All is behind.
All is ahead.

We put our tent up on our first camp site for 4 days at Wuruma dam which was a much needed holiday after a 4-week marathon of good-byes, packing, cleaning & packing the car & cleaning & packing! Then we drove 10 hours to arrive in Blackall where we spent another few days relaxing at one of our friends… And suddenly it hit me… Felt lost, very very lost!!! No home, no strings attached to anywhere, no commitment to honor. Freedom….yet quite a lonely experience. Lost in the vastness. Vast as the Universe.
No-one’s waiting for me to turn up to work, to our favorit coffee shop, no more friendly visit…
Is this adventure too big I asked?

(I wish I could articulate silence better but … will do:-)


Well.. No doubt those feelings will be my companion for the next days/weeks.

No doubt I will enjoy the vastness of the horizon, which will nourish my sense of emptiness.

We leave tomorrow for Winton. Then we’ll take several days to cross to Alice Springs via Boulia – Tobemorey – on the Plenty Highway.

See you on the dusty track…


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