The Red Centre

While driving on the Plenty Highway, across Queensland and the Northern Territory, I experienced the vastness and a sense of isolation. The experience of leaving behind friends, family and let’s say, security, was quite fresh in our mind and heart. But nothing too unfamiliar to process.

When we arrived in Alice Springs, a totally different scene welcomed us, very similar to what I experienced when I first visited Darwin. What I saw was mainly two groups of people, living together but not living together. Two communities in the same town with very little connection between each other and very limited understanding of each other. Also what I felt was that those two communities weren’t interested in reaching the other, whether by fear or ignorance. I am aware I’m generalizing. This is a very complex issue. But what I experienced was confronting and overwhelming, which stayed with me for some time while in the Red Centre.

We then drove to Uluru. Magnificent Uluru. While we were walking around, I had some interesting insights. One of them was about the people of this land. All of them, all of us.

Every Australian should visit Uluru, as a pilgrimage. This immense and sacred place brings healing to the heart. The indigenous of this land would benefit of this nourishment, bringing some (re-)connection with themselves, with their identity and their culture. All non-indigenous should also come here. To hear the Centre, this land’s heart, talking to their own heart. This could bring some understanding about the land and the so many stories. To build connections and relationships. Between themselves and between each other.

Another way of building a bridge perhaps.



4 thoughts on “The Red Centre

  1. Beautifully put Caro! It is now on my bucket list 4 sure. Very insightful thoughts – if only we could connect everyone – maybe each of us can do our small bit. It i s still
    My dream that we all respect and love each other…..

  2. It is great to follow your journey through your wonderful photos Caro. Last night, Judith and I went to see Baz Luhmann’s “The Great Gatsby” (which we really enjoyed by the way) at the cinema and when we came home I was showing her some of your beautiful pictures. It also prompted me to take out the photos that I took of Uluru and the red centre when I visited in 1995. Great memories for me also. It is such a beautiful & amazing country. This morning Emily and Chris took off in the plane for Chile & their south american adventure! Be safe & be inspired!

    • Thank you Carmel, loving reading your message! Glad to hear you’ve been inspired & went into some great memories of yours! I’m glad this blog is fulfilling its original purpose to keep us all connected!
      Today I heard the news from Bob and Kay who are getting our mail that I am an Australian permanent resident..very happy and relieved somehow !!
      Sending you our thoughts and love!

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