An interesting experience..

On our second time camping north of Broome, a week ago, at a place called Quondong Point, we decided to camp on a new spot. The usual places were all taken so we drove a little further and found this little private paradise. One beach on the left, another on the right. That’s where we set the camp..on a tip..stunning 360 degre view..but also slightly uneasy. Uneven ground and little bushes everywhere. We thought beauty was at that price.

When the magnificent sunset was over and the night surrounded us, we started to cook. That’s when I heard..

I heard singing. Loud. From ahead. The Ocean. Singing loud. Voices. Chanting. Thought it was perhaps..maybe..the wind? Is it? Can you hear this? But I kept hearing singing. Loud. Quiet. The wind. The waves. The voices. . . Disturbing! Singing, chanting, laughing. The wind, the waves, and ethereal voices haunting the night.

I tried to dismiss this strange sound coming from the dark immensity.. Not easy when the only fortress is your tent. But I managed to fall asleep. Light sleep..

I woke up in the middle of the night hearing a didgeridoo and chanting, more chanting. Can you hear them I said in the night to my husband. He could not.

It was not sad nor lamenting. Quite Joyful. Celebrating. Definitely spooky!

We moved campsite in the morning !


3 thoughts on “Ethereal

  1. wow Caro… ethereal and spooky for sure!!
    i hope you two are loving your travel and your freedom! thinking of you… a lot.
    loads of love ma cherie!

  2. What beautiful imagery – just like I was there! Perhaps if I was there, I would not have heard. Perhaps it was just for you? WOW!!

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