separateness vs connection

It is interesting how getting a good news changes the whole perspective and helps to endure harsh conditions or a difficult time. It’s a game changer. It could be anything..the prospect of a job, a new opportunity or a simple good news..

It provides room, spaciousness. It feeds our own strength. It builds hope which allow us to tap into resilience if needed.

Hope increases our capacity to project ourselves, to build a vision. Hope makes us to believe that things are possible.

So, how to keep this positive feeling alive, accessible when we need it, when hardship occurs again?

I can’t help to make a link with what I’ve seen and experienced during these two months while traveling across Australia. Through my own eye and as I develop my understanding of those issues, the circumstances in which the Indigenous people of this land are living have been often disturbing, confronting and uncomfortable to me. And as I try to understand the depth of their trauma, I am wondering what could help.

Where am I going with this, I hear you asking.

This is, I guess, my humble way of trying to figure out this sense of segregation between black and white that I have encountered.. What I’ve seen and experienced through several towns across Australia is white people doing their white thing.. Going in coffee shop (like me), walking fast, going to work, driving their 4WD, visiting the scenic places, having their purpose on their sleeve, trying to avoid this uncomfortable feeling when they see a man lying on the footpath, sleeping or unconscious..

And then I see Aboriginal people, standing. Waiting. Sitting here all day, as it seems, without purpose. I am aware this is my own interpretation. Some might say that this their way of living. That being purposeful is a western world thing. And yet, what I see is sadness, lost eyes, emptiness.

When was the last good news they received? When did they feel they matter? When was the last time they felt they belonged? When was the last time someone demonstrated some care or interest to them, or simply connected with them?

I don’t have the answers to my many questions. But I know that for quite some time now, the Indigenous of this land have not received a good news..



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