Far away..

So relevant for me at the moment…

sur le chemin du zigodor

Far north or down under…when it’s far away, I am content.

I have being thinking about isolation lately. Isolated places attract me, I’m not sure why yet. Through my travels and endless queries, my path led me to some extremes.. Natashquan, Quebec, the end of the road 138 at the time (I believe the road is further north now). Far away from the big cities, and for the lone traveler that I was, it felt much further and very remote. Little communities fighting harsh winters, unemployment and isolation. But also living in an amazing environment, where trees do not grow higher than a metre, not the Taiga but pretty close. Amazing scenery. You breath differently up there. You get the whole world into your being at each breath. I didn’t live there, only visited. But secretly, I dreamed about coming back and establishing myself as a psychoeducator… Havre St Pierre…

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