In limbo

Relocating to another place 3’300 kilometers away is not an easy exercise. It requires some logistic put in place in advance. We did that well.

We travelled and did more than 10’000 kilometers of endless roads, dirt roads, corrugated or rocky, through desertique at times, magical and marvelous sceneries, along stunning sea shores. Our ute loaded with our camping stuff, our tent and everything else thorougly packed. Our aim, each day, was to travel well.. on those roads, as well as inside ourselves. And we did that well too..

But now that we have arrived, there is SO much more.. where do I start..

We’ve unpacked the car, put aside our camping stuff. And then..what? Searching for a job, a home, settling, connecting, creating our place… Exciting. Overwhelming.

While I am looking forward to all those things, I am also very much looking forward to get my stuff back.. you know..stuff… my books, my pictures, my kette bags from New Zealand, the swiss calendar my mum sent early this year, the photos of my family in Switzerland… and my clothes and my shoes, my computer (I’m at the public library right now), my art stuff, my canvas that I left unfinished..and all those little things that we collect and put around ourselves to feel home.. to remind ourselves of those amazing connections we have made throughout our life, to feel connected to the ones we love…

A home with a soul…and some music too…

This place where I am sitting and holding myself is in between.. and at times, this is excruciating.



4 thoughts on “In limbo

  1. What a photograph! And I do sympathise with that dislocated feeling. But perhaps the present space that feels so lacking will fill up with new, enriching goodies… let’s hope so! Be careful what you wish for!

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