About Passion and Life

I’m reading this book ‘Paula’ from Isabel Allende at the moment. It’s one of those books where I only can read bits by bits, slowly, as the words and stories emerging are so intense, weaved together intrinsically. Making sense or not. Like life..

This is her story, her life through childhood, through discoveries of family secrets, of love and hurt and so on.. She tells those stories to her daughter Paula, who is in a coma, lying in a hospital’s bed.

This is very intimate. Heartened. And deeply sad as Paula would never recover.

Her desire of seeing her daughter to stand up and walk away from her bed is so strong that I thought she would make her walk away. She didn’t.

This week I received the news that a close friend died after a very long, painful illness. I too hoped and wished and prayed that my dear friend Martine would get better. As Martine did too. But she didn’t.

C’est pour toi ma tendre amie…
Avec mes larmes et le souvenir de nos rires…
Je te dis au revoir!!
Je t’aime

Here is Isabel Allende at TED



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