A thread

I was reading Flora Bowley’s blog http://braveintuitiveyou.com/ which is always so inspiring, but I got distracted and clicked on a link and landed on Alena Hennessy’s http://www.alenahennessy.com/blog/.

In her post, Alena was telling about the article she wrote for a magazine http://www.alenahennessy.com/art-becomes/ on how blogging changed her life.

I felt encouraged by what I read and had to post a comment to Alena. Little thread that we create and follow..

Here are some of my thoughts that I shared with her.

Like Alena, I was unsure on how to write a blog..and more important, why!! When I started almost a year ago and, as I kept writing posts, despite the encouragements of my friends, I was still going through self doubt. Very perverse self doubt!

I was feeling that no one or only a few friends were reading.. This omnipresent question bugged me. Why did I care??  Now, I love the fact that my friends can access to some more intimate up dates and I really enjoy when I can access to theirs too. I find this is a more genuine way to stay in touch when living overseas. But why was I still wondering why??

You understand that for me, the question ‘why am I writing this blog’ comes regularly. It is a significant point as I often tried to sabotage myself (“who do you think you are”).. I knew where it was coming from, and yet was unable to not feel ashamed.

But through the amazing and inspiring work of amazing and inspiring women, and by that I mean well-known authors like Brene Brown http://brenebrown.com/my-blog/ and artists like Flora and Alena, but also my close friends of many years around the world, I am more solid. I can feel I have now integrated some of the knowledge and wisdom shared by them.. Now when such question arises, I notice myself embracing it as a way of growth, a way to reconnect with my heart, and a way to say to the world, but most to myself, I AM… Amazing, beautiful, capable, powerful…but more important, worth it!!

This blog is in fact helping me to stay on this very track.. If I am interested in getting more readers, my focus changes. Life is a learning and creative process, right!?  Writing about my thoughts and realizations, trusting and sharing some of my inner processes, genuinely and with humility, sharing some of my photos and favorite quotes… It simply feels good. And it helps me to grow and to be brave! People reading my blog, it’s like the cherry on the cake! You are my bonus!!!

So I will continue:)

and I hope that, through my words, images or suggested books, you will find too some inspiration.

(and I recommend Brene Brown’s books, because they are really good;)




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