A growing tree

Last year, knowing that we were going to move up north, I realized how attached I was to the tree in front of the house. It provided a shelter for my thoughts and mood. And I wanted to take it with me. The tree was made of several actually… an amazing ecosystem with so many birds.. I loved hearing their birdy chat between each other. I also loved hearing and watching the wind through the tall branches, the leaves. Feeling the movement within. So appeasing, almost meditative.

I started to draft it, tried to portray this amazing tree..its beautiful and reassuring presence.

and then, got stuck…

Didn’t dare going further…
I didn’t have the skills and the experience and yet, I had a clear image of what I wanted on the canvas. Perhaps that’s why I found myself stuck.

Being home maybe does that to me… It allows me to go further, to experiment and try…



A work in progress..


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