Christmas’ magic

I missed it again. Living away from family does that. And yet we managed to have a lovely time, with yummy food, a walk in the rain, a run and some video of the Flight of the Conchords!

So I guess, we made it magic!

I was reading the last post on Brené Brown’s blog, which she named The Magic is in the Mess (, which I totally relate to. In my family, on Christmas day, it is messy. It’s loud, chaotic, fun, tense, joyful and with arguments and laughter alongside each others! It sounds weird but in fact it is really a lovely atmosphere, as we all embrace the mess. And I miss it immensely.

Across our garden, our neighbors didn’t have that magic (although they had the chaos). They probably don’t know what it means. They live the opposite constantly. The chaos, the terror, the fear of the argument starter. Domestic violence does not stop because it’s Christmas. It is an ongoing pattern.

Sad and disturbing.

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