…sick at home and reflecting…

I am totally amazed on how life can totally and continually surprise us.

We arrived in Darwin in July 2013, after an amazing 2-month trip across Australia. It then took us two months to find jobs and a house to settle in. Now, six months after getting into our rented house in Rapid Creek, I am thrilled and energized by this new emerging part of me who dare to create, paint, draw and show off!!

As our new home allowed it, I decided to use a room as my studio. I always used to paint a little bit on small canvases with a little starter kit and mini paint tubes. It was time to get real stuff! I invested in colors and new paint brushes. My husband made my art table, spacious and solid.

Since then, it has never stopped to grow… everything, the color selection, the size of the canvas and my yearning to learn more and try more and have a go…

This is truly a revelation!!!!

So to someone who would say that they can’t draw or paint, I would say…’actually have you ever tried?’… Trying, really trying, experimenting, daring to dare…

You may be surprised by what you discover…





4 thoughts on “…sick at home and reflecting…

  1. OUI!!!! Chapeau ma Cherie! Je suis tellement immensément contente que tu te sois lancee et surtout que tu n’arrives plus a t’arrêter! So proud of you!!!

    • Oh merci Anne.. Inspiree par mon nouvel environment, par toi, by a new sense of freedom within, and by the connected world des artistes…
      C’est une sensation enivrante..une autre vie s’ouvre a moi!!!!!! Overwhelming and exciting.
      Merci Cherie xx

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