Bloomin’ away

I’ve told you about the Bloom True e-course earlier… Well we are at our second week!!

Two canvases on their way… Painting and buying new colors.

It’s strange, I haven’t been as happy as I thought I would be. Perhaps my expectations were too high or the process is too slow for the impatient that I am!! Not sure..

The process is certainly different and challenging, as the result is confronting. I simply don’t like it (I know, it’s so far from being finished).. So here are a few Instagram close up pics… (Which help me to see my painting in another way and maybe start to like it)!







3 thoughts on “Bloomin’ away

  1. Hello ma Cherie! Oh our expectations… funny how we can get in our own way! i feel similar, couldn’t wait for my course and now i feel totally overwhelmed and haven’t kept up with Bloom True at all… i keep reminding myself to be gentle but it’s not working that well 🙂
    I love your marks!
    Big huge hug Caro!

    • Hello ma chérie!!
      je viens de perdre ma reponse alors je recommence! Merci de ton commentaire, cela me reassure… felt a bit off the hook really!! I keep repeating that it’s a learning process and I just need to hold it and be patient… but sometimes I just don’t!!
      How’s your ‘full circle workshop’? I’m interested in it, as the work I’ve seen is looking amazing!!
      Love seeing what you are at..
      lots love ma Chérie xx

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