in-between space

How I love when work meets creativity… while reading some paper at work, I came across some interesting comments from Winnicott about creativity. He said: ..‘creative living involves, in every detail of its experience, a philosophical dilemma – because, in fact, in our sanity we only create what we find’. He continues…‘such creativity – whether artistic, religious, or scientific – is the doing that arises out of being’

Winnicott’s concept of Transitional Space is about bridging our inner world, the sacred space within self, including the world of  fantasy and the outside world, full of stuff and people. 

Art does that.

Read the full article ‘The Nature of the ‘In-Between’ in D.W. Winnicott’s Concept of Transitional Space and in Martin Buber’s das Zwischenmenschliche’ ‘ by Laura Praglin here.




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