Being reflecting on the significance of our birth name, its potency, its value, what it means for us, human beings.. well for me anyway!

When we got married, my husband asked me if I was going to change my name, to take his. I said I would think about it… I had done this in the past; I was unsure about doing it again…

I kept my name. I still hold my birth name. It was a conscious choice. I reflected about the meaning of it and it became clear that I couldn’t change my name. Being in my 40s probably influenced my reflection and decision.. But more to that, it would have been a bit like changing my DNA. When I say my name at loud, when I introduce myself, it resonates within. I am this name. This is who I am. I come from this place, from those parents, within this family, with this history and those stories…I am my name. 

I asked my husband if he wanted to take mine. He declined;)

Did you change yours? was it a difficult decision? or an easy one? did you think about it?

Not sure why this is important for me…but it’s here!


2 thoughts on “Rambling

    • Ha ha yours is a long option Anne!!! At least you’ve got both !! Funny tho… I kinda wanted to take M’s name but simply couldn’t !!!

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