be a rebell

From the latest edition of Mindfood magazine

Nancy Andreasen, psychiatrist and researcher, wanted to know what were the personality traits of creative personality. Here is what she identified:

– Being open to experiences with tolerance for ambiguity and unanswered questions
– A willingness to have adventures and explore
– A sense of rebelliousness (disregard for order, rules and social convention)
– A strong sense of individualism
– Sensitivity (to what they are experiencing as well as what others are experiencing)
– A sense of playfulness
– Persistence – this is necessary because of the repeated knock-backs “creatives” inevitably encounter, thanks to pushing limits and seeing things in new ways
– Curiosity
– A singleness of vision and dedication

So, if you have those traits, be grateful and create more. If you don’t, loosen up, let go, be flexible and give it ago… it’s fun!!! and not only that you’ll gain everything, but the world will too…

and from Austin Kleon fun book ‘Steal Like an Artist’

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