filling the cracks

Sorry for reposting this…. it resonates so loud today, I just had to put it up again!

…probably as a reminder for me, while starting this new online workshop Unearth Gather Create with Gillian Lee Smith which is a big leap!! I will be outside my comfit zone big time!!! But that’s why I’m here, right?!

sur le chemin du zigodor

It’s only since last September that I started to seriously experiment with art, create, play and lose myself in the magical sphere of creative expression. I dedicated a room, proudly calling it my studio. I bought decent acrylic paints… heaps of it. I started with a tiny easel, portable and light, which became too little. My husband then made me a strong easel and an art table. I created that space, knowing very deep that I was going to dive into it…




Creating, painting, drawing, trying things, learning, copying, stealing ideas, experimenting, mixing things, getting frustrated but persevering, trying new things, getting more frustrated, despairing, finding hope, feeling joyful, and learning new skills of course in the process… but also learning to go deeper, to get closer to the cracks, to just be near them without being overwhelmed.

We were reflecting on what this did to…

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