tidal movements and storms

It is often when you feel strong(er) or grounded, pretty sure that you’ve now attained stability and happiness that, all of sudden, you get swept and shaken by stronger winds, a storm that you didn’t see coming.

It must be for a reason, right? but when it happens, the new storm irritates me immensely as my quiet stability was just a delightful comfort.

And it sounds or feels familiar too! because it always happens! it always comes back. This emotional or psychological challenge knocking to our door.

We are here to expand and stretch and learn more. Yes! Clearly there is not much interest in stagnation. Yes! But how do we keep direction? How do we know for sure that we will survive…this time?

I guess we don’t. we won’t know.

We need to get lost again, in order to go deeper; or higher depending on the image you prefer. Is this a rule? I’m not sure. I only know that’s how it has worked for me. And even though I feel confronted by what is required from me, I am reassured that what I have built until today is solid.

Well… I hope so anyway…

I had an osteopathic session today… My osteopath is an incredible therapist. He works holistically and intuitively. This is the second time I find someone like this. And because he is not a psychologist, he drops little bomb and then keeps working on my body. He goes like this… “your heart chakra seems quite closed. What’s the problem? do you feel unloved or something?”…… hum…yes…no! not really! I’m quite good actually, thank you!”

The thing is though…the body never lies; and the body-work (and my desire to expand) always helps to engage or embrace this challenge.

So I’m here, exhausted by this osteopathic/therapeutic session…and wondering if the tide is coming in or going out. While wondering, might as well take some picture of the view.



7 thoughts on “tidal movements and storms

  1. This is exactly how my life is also. I don’t know that it happens for everyone, but that for some of us who are determined on a path of spiritual and psychological development, the tides constantly ebb and flow. There are always peaks and trough and only brief lulls in between. 🙂

    • Yes you are so right Miss Min!!! Good to hear that it resonates with you and that we are never alone on this path!!!!
      Thank you for your comment. I do appreciate it immensely!!!
      Go well on your path.
      I have learned that being kind and compassionate to self helps the travel!

      • Hi Caroline, being kind and compassionate to myself has been my area of biggest weakness over the decades of my growth. I’m finally having my ‘aha!’ moments in that regard and feel life expanding in a much less chaotic and frightening manner. We need to be strong for ourselves also – to captain our own ships, which is not always easy for a woman in this world. So glad I found your blog.

      • You made my day… Thank you so much! I am so glad you found it too.. These comments remind me why I want to write about it.. that it is at times so reassuring knowing that others are feeling the same way!! Your comments are enriching this post immensely!

        Perhaps you figured this out already, when posting about self growth and/or therapeutic processes, i post under LEARNING.

        I love the words you chose… less chaotic and frightening… would it be also called experience and trust?


  2. Go gently ma Cherie… i so relate to what you are writing… thank you for sharing your vulnerability, your wholeheartedness has always been a beautiful guide for me. Lots of love xxx

    • Merci Anne.. tes mots me touchent et m’encouragent…
      La decouverte de soi n’est jamais terminee… I won’t run away to hide but gee…I’m tempted!!!
      much love to you ma cherie xxxx

      • No… no more running for us Caro, we know that part too well 🙂 it’s the “growing roots” we need to get better at! Love to you ma Cherie! xxx

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