In this new era of technology (which is not really new anymore, I know) where everything and anything is instantly accessible, we probably still think that we need to protect ourselves from what could get us…Some weird monster hiding in a corner of the computer or something…

Well…recently, I got reminded that it is larger than this and the fact that our humanity is not lost at all…that genuine friendship and generosity can happen via Internet.

Clearly Instagram has been a propulsor to my creativity but not only. I have found a supportive community that is so encouraging, friendly and trustworthy, where we all feel safe with each other. More to that is that I am finding real friends across the world…friends that I am hoping I will meet one day.

The other day, Lyn contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in receiving Alena Hennessy’s One Year Painting online course, as she was offered to gift it to someone. She thought of me! whom she had never met! how incredible is that!!?! I was stoked, speechless and so grateful!!

Later, as I knew I would be travelling to her city, I asked Lyn if she’d be keen to meet up! So we did! Instafriends becoming friends! it happens people!!! and it warms my heart!!

Lyn shared about her new art project… have a look here http://lynmarguerite.com/

Thank you Lyn! Thank you friends around the world, whom I have not met yet, whom I will meet one day…thank you! You are awesome!


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