A box of reminders

One of the fabulous project of Full Circle workshop from Misty Mawn is to create an explosion box… box of dreams as she called it…

For me, this will be my box of reminders…

to remind me where I came from, the journey within,
my yearning for more, for freedom mostly;
my desire for growth and integration…
(despite the running away)

my inner discoveries and exploration…
to remind myself that I matter,
that I am enough…
little and lost at times,
grounded and powerful the other times;)

and that I am daring greatly!!











4 thoughts on “A box of reminders

  1. what an amazing creation Caro! I love your “yearning… for more freedom” “little and lost… grounded and powerful” and daring greatly😌 all the layer of this reminder box.. many many lovely layers just like you! 😘😘😘 To you my Caro

    • Thank you dear Robin… I loved putting my heart and thoughts into it, wanted to make this little box as meaningful as I could!!! I absolutely adore it!!

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