Happy birthday to my blog!!
2 years that we’ve traveled together!!
It has been a wonderful companionship and learning experience…

But more, it helps me to keep myself in the flow; whether straight and strong, vulnerable or raw, but at least connected.
with myself. and with others, with old friends across the world, with my family, and with new friends that I haven’t met (yet)…

It challenges me to take things further or deeper; it stimulates me to get more creative in my expressions..to step out of my comfit zone; it allows me to be me, to show up in various ways…

Sure there are times where I’d like to turn it off, unable to see any meaning to this virtual sharing world…unable to keep up between my full time job, my yearning to learn about art and creative expression, the books I want to read and life… life to live… the blog falls behind a bit I must admit!
but that kind of thought doesn’t last too long…I have built I think a bit of a relationship with this blog now…some sort of attachment to it I suppose.

So there I am, happy to be here with you and will continue to do so…
at my own pace
with my whole heart!
Happy birthday dear blog…



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