stepping out

Being a self taught/learner artist feels at times lonely. The amazing possibility and various ranges of online workshop is fabulous and so accessible. I can learn at my own pace and try things out again and again. But the guidance, knowledge and challenges of a teacher are missing. During these times, I feel unworthy of calling myself artist, as I am feeling stuck, going into a cul-de-sac road.

I know this is the challenge I have to overcome right now if I want to pursue my creative expression. This is it, Caro! (and knowing that this feeling will visit me again from time to time)

I am doing this 100 Faces Challenge at the moment, which I tailored to suit me. I am not respecting the size that most people are doing, which is quite small (2 inches square). I thought this challenge would stretch me and it has, but not in the way I hoped for… I feel I’m confining myself in the safe and secure, the easy, the known. I mainly draw with pencils… and at the moment, I am finding myself very boring!!!

I know I have to step out of my comfit zone…but I am not sure how…and where to step out…..

Here is a few of my faces….









Now I look at them and I am really pleased…even impressed!!! I realize that I had lost perspective… We can always do better (practice makes progress after all!)… And I am learning! Stepping back to have a different perspective is ALWAYS good.

Don’t I say this all the time to my clients….;)


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