Saturday morning play

Carving my own stamps gives me great satisfaction.. I guess this is about creating something from scratch and then making it work…

I started by designing my stamp from a branch of gum tree flower pods I had collected a while ago…



and then I tried it….



I am so happy how it turned out…


5 thoughts on “Saturday morning play

  1. i love the gum tre flower pods themselves and then you make a beautifully simple stxmp and i love the pods even more! another small insight into your works Caro😘😘😘 your blog strikes me as a wonderful way you have found to be your own friend. you share, discuss, explore and review your life. and you do it without knowing whetyyou will have an audience or not on any given day. a very humble act of directed towards personal growth:) I admire you Caro😘😘

  2. goodness so much misspelling! “tree” not tre, “world “not works, “whether you will” not whetyyou and delete the “of” before directed. ok that’s better 😘❤️

  3. They came out beautifully! I really should start getting my hands more dirty when it comes to stamps, but there’s just so many beautiful ones out there for sale. Tempted to go searching in the garden now…

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