shifting ground

I have spoken before about friendship that have developed via social media, mainly through Instagram, and the creative community that I am part of. Let me introduce you to a wonderful and very talented artist, writer and storyteller, my friend Robin.

Robin doesn’t only paint with her heart wide open. She writes stories that make you shiver or smile… or both… her stories stay with you for a long time…they are like a living thing…growing within you!

It’s because Robin creates from the soul.
She always surprises us. I think she surprises herself as well.

Here is one of her creations, art work and text

Robin art

The ever shifting ground that is our lives.

I believe that impermanence is the law of life. Comfort will transition to pain, ease becomes struggle, joy and grief are inseparable. And all the while darkness and light shift places within our hearts without prior notice or the opportunity to prepare. It’s just the way things are and struggling against what I think I cannot bear or yearning for what I do not have will do nothing but confuse and discourage. Fearless I am not; wisdom consistently shows up late or not at all. But loving and being loved is a grace that sustains hope and the desire for more of life, not less.

I feel very grateful that we’ve found each other…


2 thoughts on “shifting ground

  1. awwwww Caro ❤️ I am so so SO grateful we have found one another and that our hands have both reached out to hold the other’s😘 you are my blessing of the heart for reasons I just can’t properly explain 🙂

    • Aah Robin… thank you! same feeling here….
      (Now, could you proof read your text and let me know (2nd line…somethings not right;))

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