Time to Bloom

A year ago, I was about to start the fabulous Bloom True e-course with Flora Bowley. This seems so far away now as I have moved on on other ‘artventures’. It remains a very special time in my mind as I decided to fully embrace and celebrate my creativity. and with Flora’s guidance, I certainly did that!

So, is it that far away…not really. I am still at the beginning; I have so much to learn, so many concepts that are unknown to me. I am still looking for my own voice… I have not completed 100 paintings as Flora suggested… But I am experimenting, touching this and that…. wasting probably too much time on the net for inspiration but also trying things…trying and trying again…

So, when the doubts and questions reappear in my mind, I try to embrace them and then, I turn to my heart..and try again!

Flora’s next e-course will start again in February. If you ever wanted to have a go with paint, paintbrush and canvas, this is the time!!!




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