been quiet

Yes I have…
Slowly gaining energy after iron issues…

but if I have been quiet on the blog, I kept painting and drawing…
I am still working on my 100 faces challenge. A slow progress that brings
me joy!


Here are the latest

I bought some new graphic watersoluble pencils and had a good fun trying them out


A bird boy inspired by my friend Anne checked out by a swimming cap girl! This last one was part of a spontaneous series with artist friends around the world…Anne, Jeanne-Marie, Renee


gesso acrylic graphite pencil on carboard



and another girl with a swimming cap in pastels

I feel my style is evolving. The experiments and learnings are getting integrated… a long way to go but I’m enjoying the ride;)


8 thoughts on “been quiet

  1. Beautiful drawings, I love the colors in your painting! How long did it take?
    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you so much Isabella! are you asking about the monochromatic painting? this one was made on carboard, with a quick sketch to start with and then I worked on it for about an hour probably! I am trying to remain loose, without blending…. good exercise!!

  2. Wow! you are getting really good! I particularly like your pastels. So glad you’ve found this creative outlet and are developing so fast. Wishing you well and happy, Jacqui

  3. okay weird – I think my comment posted somewhere else. Your work is just incredible my friend. Everything you are doing is so beautiful. Well done! ❤ Thrilled for you! And thrilled for us cos we get to see you fly!

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