I recently saw a wonderful documentary about brain capacity and how our brain keeps developing special connections when we practice a sport, a music instrument or a task over and over.

What our brain does is that more we practice, more our brain builds up connection so that we keep getting better and better at this thing! 

I know this as I use mindfulness and neuroscience theoretical modalities all the time in my professional practice however watching this on tv stroke me. The emphasis was on the repetition and commitment to a certain practice. 

Does it give you hope? it certainly does for me…

A recent exchange with my friends Anne and Jeanne Marie on Instagram was a great reminder of that.

Jeanne Marie commented about a book she had read, the Talent Code, which talks about practice and talent and how talent is grown by practicing…

Great syncronicity… I think I needed this reminder for my art practice!

Here is another reminder of some sort!

Ole to you! Keep showing up!

Have a great Easter everyone xx


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