Remember..I’m painting or drawing 100 faces…
I am slowly slowly getting there;)

Here are a few pieces I’ve recently done. I’ve used charcoal and gesso on paper which is a lot of fun for me, a no-fuss way of creating, where things flow easily…

For art entwined workshop, Misty Mawn made us studying several artists by observing, connecting, analysing and then re-creating our own interpretation of their art. This is such an interesting process, so rich but also challenging and profound.

This is about finding deep within myself what is my emotional response in relation to a piece and then trying to translate it with my own interpretation. The following piece was inspired by Oswaldo Guyasamin and by my friends Anne & Jeanne Marie 😉

By the way, a year ago I painted my first face in my first art journal!! Things are evolving;)

have a great week end dear ones💚


4 thoughts on “faces

  1. I love witnessing your journey! you give me such delight and you are like a sister to me in so many ways, as an artist, a therapist and as a sweet friend. I love all of these and the many many more you have unearthed since this post!! xoxoxoxox

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