Inner mess

 Each time I create an abstract piece I feel this immense satisfaction, some sort of inner flow getting out me, yelling and laughing. Crying too. 

Abstract art feels so normal, almost like this language I knew and that I’m rediscovering. 

Some joy here!



5 thoughts on “Inner mess

  1. Hi Caro, Love the abstract painting…you are very attuned to colours. Your yelling and crying are soft like a Jeff Buckley song.

    Gina and I are in Melbourne on our residential with Craig San Roque and other analysts. It is amazing to be with a group contemplating the global and national traumas of displacement and racial complexes…the other. I think of you so far from your mother tongue finding all the ways to be. I am continually amazed at the multiplicity of the self. Craig San Roque has been saying that what stops him from giving up is the winnicott culture of his English background -the importance of play…the creative principle Love you, Sue


  2. I love abstract art, & I love YOUR abstract art Caro. Familiarity in the language of the abstract & exploring the inner mess; sounds immensely satisfying to me too! Love your work… 😛 Xx

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