I have  been avoiding those  two canvases prepared for Lynn Whipple’s Big Bold Blum online class for some time.  Eventually I just needed to  start, do the first marks. For some reasons I felt intimidated.

Also I felt my style of flowers was oscillating  between real flowers and child like flowers and couldn’t get settle for one or the other…

  awkward stage

Some pencil 
More layers and then pastels to define and be playful!  

I’m very unsure about this piece; I only like bits and pieces of it for now. 

I will leave it aside for a while ..


4 thoughts on “Blum

  1. Wow. I hope you’re happy? These are stunning, fabulous. I really enjoy painting flowers too. Great work, lots of cool details and also a good compilation of your thoughts on your styles….:-)

    • Ah Laurel you made me smile;) thank you dear…I’m liking them more and more and I think I will need to try again… Certainly Lynn Whipple’s style is wonderful and her class very inspiring!

    • Oh Laurel, I need to visit your blog more often…Rilke (I think we commented to each other about him before?!) is also my favorite poet. He moves me so deeply. But what moved me just now even more is your painting. OhMy!!! it has layers at so many levels!!! xxx

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