The other day, it hit  me…again.

It was after my short trip to Sydney. A training week end, which went a bit like this: in a plane, out of the plane, taxi, hotel, taxi, training, taxi, hotel, taxi, training, taxi, airport. Didn’t see much of Sydney really!

Not hard to see where I’m heading…


When I arrived home….Aaah…this feeling of being home! It just hit me…


Isn’t it so lovely, so delicious when you’ve found a home that suits you.

Not just some lovely walls in a lovely neighborhood; it’s more than that… having a loving partner, a safe place to grow…

When you traveled far, and looked a lot…to find yourself lost so many times, not knowing where to go.. 

Until you find yourself…

When I arrived back home in the middle of the night and looked around, I felt this through every part of my being.

I was home.



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I am full

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went on a discovery day trip to find a camping spot outside of National Park, so that we can take our boxer with us. The Northern Territory is immense and the possibilities of excursions endless. With the end of the wet season, the roads and tracks start to dry out, open for adventure. We found this 4WD track that lead to an amazing spot near a crocodile-free creek…Heaven!


So we went back for a camping trip and spent three days by ourselves in this little paradise…
The waters had gone down drastically since our last visit but was still magnificent…


We walked in the river bed, where the water was once flowing fast and high…



We sat and listened…


the colors, the shapes, the birds…what a bliss for the soul…












a year of goodness


A year ago, we left our home, left behind the known, the easy. The empty, the wounded.

and embarked on our journey, direction Northern Territory, and embraced the uncertain, the unknown.

A year later, we are counting our blessings. And they’ve abounded. Settling in Darwin has been an enrichment to our lives. Certainly mine!!

so thank you all! thank you Universe! thank you Australia! thank you my husband! I’m so glad we embarked together on this journey! I am grateful.

Happy moi!

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage

~Anais Nin


morning darling

This morning, after waking up, I went in my studio. I wasn’t sure what to do, what to start or to continue…
so I sat in my bean bag. I paused for a moment. I just sat and felt this immense gratitude…

Grateful for being in this place, grateful for being able to learn and play and laugh freely, while listening to some KD Lang. How lovely…

(despite Leonard Cohen’s sombre lyrics)