I have been so busy with work and then upcoming study, that i totally forgot about my blog. Not that it matters…

And so we went on our camping holiday in the Western Australian bush…quite remote. A challenge to get there…but oh boy, so worth it!

The Gibb River road has been kind to us this time… we reached our destination, Bachsten Camp, WA. Stunning location, remote which means no too many people with us.

Seriously, i think swimming in those natural rock pools is one of the most amazing thing, even though I remain always uncertain of the underneath world…

I came back energized and refreshed.

and the dry season is so lovely right now…


Our camping trip was cut very short. Two smashed tires in the middle of nowhere on the Gibb River Road obliged us to return.

No 1


No 2…..  In a 20-minute interval

No spare anymore at this stage and the daylight fading beautifully on us.. 


The beauty surrounding us was breathtaking. Camping in the wild is always nurturing, even in blemished circumstances. 



Unforgiving Gibb Road. Certainly reknown for its challenges. 

 My expression of it all, once back home. 

The face of disappointment   

Very grateful to be able to express those feelings through creativity;)

I am full

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went on a discovery day trip to find a camping spot outside of National Park, so that we can take our boxer with us. The Northern Territory is immense and the possibilities of excursions endless. With the end of the wet season, the roads and tracks start to dry out, open for adventure. We found this 4WD track that lead to an amazing spot near a crocodile-free creek…Heaven!


So we went back for a camping trip and spent three days by ourselves in this little paradise…
The waters had gone down drastically since our last visit but was still magnificent…


We walked in the river bed, where the water was once flowing fast and high…



We sat and listened…


the colors, the shapes, the birds…what a bliss for the soul…