I always loved this expression ‘wee bit’. Love the sound of it, unreal word.

Here is a wee bit of magic..

I often struggle with series it seems, when it is  planed; less intuitive, less spontaneous,  the magic doesn’t appear easily. If not at all!

I had created this cute face with a rabbit suit out of nowhere last week end and was totally smitten by him. So I decided to try a series. 


Not quite there…

  Certainly a wee bit of fun;)


getting somewhere 

The daily practice is proving to be a valuable one.  Something has started to move… A subtle change… Lines come more easily it seems. 
I wish I’d left her alone .. Some raw emotions emanate from her…


I kept working and it felt as if I had changed her essence.   




I haven’t been very present on the blog lately…
I’ve found myself between places in my creative journey… As I’m learning, I experiment all sorts of things…I learn, get some ideas, try, process, try again and so on…

While doing this, I am experiencing this push-pull kind of internal conversation, some sort of yearning, a hunger to create. Great, isn’it?! well… not so much! I try to express this desire…and that’s where I get stuck and very frustrated!!!

I am looking for my own voice, my own style. I am aware that my style is, right now, developing; this is part of the process. But my impatient self would like to know what kind of art I want to do…

As an apprentice, I get influenced by many, renown, established and emerging artists..a wonderful flow of inspiration…But at times, I’d like to turn off the flow of information that I’m getting…to just tap into my own flow.

a work in progress;)

I did this sketch on a background. I was happy with her pose and expression..

She turned out very different and no matter how much I worked and reworked her, I couldn’t get her nose right. So she got a clown nose for it!


Not happy with her!

Then I tried some collage with a Rumi poem and some bold marks which was fun to do. The initial sketch was fun and kept the boldness….


But then I kept working on it … And was so disappointed of loosing the initial drawing! 

This one was inspired by my friend Anne and her challenge A Face A Day for this year. Check her out, she’s amazing!


Oh well…. This is the process of all things😉 

something happened

This is what I’ve been working on recently and I must say, I have experienced the most exciting feeling with this technique.
Mixing colors, creating values, adding a touch here or there fascinate me.
It’s like painting through my intuition, without the use of rational or analytic thinking.
Something different happened..some sort of letting go…
a very excited moi!!on cardboard

mini paintings on paper

it looks messy and I love it

 Can you tell I’m excited by this;)


I know I have written about this before but it hit me again..

Through my creative experiments and learning, I’d like to think that I am always spontaneous, embracing things, learning from opportunities…
But clearly this is not true.

Learning new skills pushes us around, isn’t it? and as much as we want to learn, we also put boundaries, consciously or unconsciously, by fear of the unknown, by fear of meeting our own limits, our own flaws…

This concept can be applied in therapy as well.. I hear times to times clients who are crying for help but refusing to do the leap…terrified by the unknown, by what they could discover about themselves or by fear of seeing their protective walls falling apart. Sadly we won’t know what lives behind those walls until we decide to let them go.

Why am I rambling about this? with the start of Misty Mawn new online art class, I got to meet face to face with some of my limits again, the ones that I am putting to myself…and as much as it annoys me, it keeps happening… I feel a multitude of paintings within myself waiting to be created and yet, I feel blocked by my fear of failing, of not knowing how, judging my limited skills and so on…

This paradox won’t sustain as my desire to create is larger than my fear…but how do we push ourselves when we are stuck…what do you do when you feel yourself caught in this limbo? what strategies worked? How nice would it be to paint like a child, without expectation, being in the moment, fully embracing what is in front of us..

It reminds me this quote i read on Lisa Sonora‘s blog…paint like a dog goes after a bone.

So that’s what I will do…

just try

When I started to seriously embrace my creativity 18 months ago, I knew very little about art supplies. Do you know for instance that you can paint on carboard? I love cardboard now…(merci Anne;)



It’s interesting actually how a cheap surface influences my process…I am more spontaneous, more daring, without thinking about the result, more about the experience or experiment!

My friend Lyn asked me what helped to tackle portraits and if I had any suggestion.. I’d say..just try!

Before starting this 100 Faces Challenge, I didn’t think I was good enough. I didn’t think I would dare showing up. And the fact is, there are many many more talented artists who are better at painting portraits. But here is another fact: I am enjoying it!!

I really loved Carla Sonheim online class DRAW. It definitely helped me to start with basic drawing skills, contour, blind, haiku and so on…

She delivers fun and interesting techniques in short videos, which are very accessible for all sorts!



My curiosity and desire took me places I never thought I would visit…