Yes, pure joy is in finishing something challenging, right!?

I am thrilled by the result. This is quite large 76x76cm and I hadn’t painted that big in a long time (& only once before 😉

It’s been a journey, with Lynn Whipple’s fun online course ‘big bold blum’.  I had many light bulb moment, most that were followed by huge doubts;) 

My big bold blum canvas!

I was so happy when I finally knew how to finish my table and vase. I didn’t want to loose the looseness and marks; so I used some matte medium gel to create  transparent layers. Finished with some pastels and graphite marks. 

Happy moi!


Paper, tea & coffee

It sounds like a nice thing to do on a nice afternoon under the frangipani tree… No cake involved tho! Just a bit of ink..

I have prepared some paper for collage this Sunday afternoon. 

A bath of tea and coffee ground…



Not sure if  the coffee stains will remain in my art work but there is this lovely smell of coffee in the studio now;)



I stand here, present to my feet,
my bones, my spine, holding me.
I stand here, present to my heart,
the blood going through my veins like rivers.
Outside the rain is battling the roof;

I stand here present to my mind,
the thoughts and the hopes,
the melancholy running like a river.
the sound of the rain resonating in my heart.
I stand tall in the storm of my mind.

This inspired me to create this mixed media piece on paper…




slow motion

yes it feels like that and yet days are flying fast…
and before we all know it, it will be Christmas!

I have being playing with collage, acrylics, gesso and Stabilo All Marks quite a bit recently….

and while playing, I got reminded of a good lesson….

when it comes from the heart, things flow…
when i use my head too much and try too hard, things looked rigid and un-natural…

this fits into my work as well. I was reminded by a client, who was acknowledging my therapeutic style…
She felt she could trust me…things were said and taught from the heart she said!

heart is the wisdom



breathing in…breathing out…

while listening to the cello

A box of reminders

One of the fabulous project of Full Circle workshop from Misty Mawn is to create an explosion box… box of dreams as she called it…

For me, this will be my box of reminders…

to remind me where I came from, the journey within,
my yearning for more, for freedom mostly;
my desire for growth and integration…
(despite the running away)

my inner discoveries and exploration…
to remind myself that I matter,
that I am enough…
little and lost at times,
grounded and powerful the other times;)

and that I am daring greatly!!