Yes, pure joy is in finishing something challenging, right!?

I am thrilled by the result. This is quite large 76x76cm and I hadn’t painted that big in a long time (& only once before 😉

It’s been a journey, with Lynn Whipple’s fun online course ‘big bold blum’.  I had many light bulb moment, most that were followed by huge doubts;) 

My big bold blum canvas!

I was so happy when I finally knew how to finish my table and vase. I didn’t want to loose the looseness and marks; so I used some matte medium gel to create  transparent layers. Finished with some pastels and graphite marks. 

Happy moi!


Sketching away

I recently visited  Melbourne. My first time!! A nice treat as Darwin can feel at times claustrophobic and with very limited choices! Melbourne was gorgeous and very refreshing. Friends, food, nice cafés, shops…everything was so enjoyable! 


It reminded me in so much of Montreal. Or Auckland;)

The endless diversity and stimulation…a bliss!

My way of using time and easing my flying related anxiety is to sketch away…

And then back home


Melancholy talk to me

I have been procrastinating quite a bit, painting cards and mini canvas that were abandoned. The melancholic post Christmas feel I guess…

Then, I thought I would just try…

Painting values

sketching to start with…


Then, applying different value, trying to keep the paint brush flowing…



so hard to make sense of colors…


During this attempt, I realized how little I know about colors and values…

so much to learn 😉

always a story

it’s a story of life…
of getting lost so many times
with no compass, perhaps an old map
and on new hills, breathing too fast, but breathing

it’s a story of life
of learning and daring
wandering between the chaos and still waters
through the darkness of new shores, without light

it’s a story of life
of discovery and courage
it’s about daring greatly.


A process

The creative process is such an interesting one, certainly not a linear one…
Layers after layers, things keep appearing…

And disappearing.

With finally a sense of direction (after so many despairing moments). I sort of knew where it was going, without knowing at all!

As I’m trying to describe this process for this post, I find it difficult to put in sentence a five-week exercise of acrylic painting. Words aren’t the best option to describe the emotions in relation to creative expression.

Certainly my soul understood!










Bloomin’ away

I’ve told you about the Bloom True e-course earlier… Well we are at our second week!!

Two canvases on their way… Painting and buying new colors.

It’s strange, I haven’t been as happy as I thought I would be. Perhaps my expectations were too high or the process is too slow for the impatient that I am!! Not sure..

The process is certainly different and challenging, as the result is confronting. I simply don’t like it (I know, it’s so far from being finished).. So here are a few Instagram close up pics… (Which help me to see my painting in another way and maybe start to like it)!