Going out bush

We are getting ready for our camping trip to a remote place in the Kimberley’s in WA. I can’t wait to be disconnected from the rest of the world, where no internet connection nor wifi rein. Only the wild open sky. 

Camping is so much about being in the present moment; the pace is so different, the sounds, the amazing scenery that swallows us. 

With me of course: art supplies, art journal, camera and tripod. 




2 thoughts on “Going out bush

  1. After seeing your work on Instagram, I decided to check your blog. I gripe about snow, slush and ice but I think this road must have been a really bad one. Must tell my husband to steer clear of it when he visits Australia in January.

    I love that you expressed your feelings in your art work.

    • Thank you so much Louise for visiting! I’ll be visiting your blog too;)
      yes this Gibb River road is a hard one! but with so many magical and hidden gems along the way…. we’ve done it two years ago! wild and beautiful!
      what part of Australia will he visit?

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