June challenge 

Have I told you? I completed  my 100 faces challenge recently, which took me way too long (I say so!). So I thought I needed to push for spontaneity a bit more. I’ve decided to paint a face a day during June to learn to get looser !

Here are a few .. 


With pastels and charcoal

Acrylic on paper 

And a fun sketch



I haven’t been very present on the blog lately…
I’ve found myself between places in my creative journey… As I’m learning, I experiment all sorts of things…I learn, get some ideas, try, process, try again and so on…

While doing this, I am experiencing this push-pull kind of internal conversation, some sort of yearning, a hunger to create. Great, isn’it?! well… not so much! I try to express this desire…and that’s where I get stuck and very frustrated!!!

I am looking for my own voice, my own style. I am aware that my style is, right now, developing; this is part of the process. But my impatient self would like to know what kind of art I want to do…

As an apprentice, I get influenced by many, renown, established and emerging artists..a wonderful flow of inspiration…But at times, I’d like to turn off the flow of information that I’m getting…to just tap into my own flow.

a work in progress;)

I did this sketch on a background. I was happy with her pose and expression..

She turned out very different and no matter how much I worked and reworked her, I couldn’t get her nose right. So she got a clown nose for it!


Not happy with her!

Then I tried some collage with a Rumi poem and some bold marks which was fun to do. The initial sketch was fun and kept the boldness….


But then I kept working on it … And was so disappointed of loosing the initial drawing! 

This one was inspired by my friend Anne and her challenge A Face A Day for this year. Check her out, she’s amazing!


Oh well…. This is the process of all things😉