I have tried another still life this week end, experimenting with medium gels and acrylic, adding layers, trying to not correct things and remain spontaneous and playful.   

Almost lost it due to my impatience between layers.

  Acrylic, gel medium on wood
Then sketchbook fun; some little vases started to get personality, even an eye;)

Let’s see where this leads me..


Table top

Here I am already. Thought I would leave my blog alone for a while;) A conversation with a dear friend (so lovely to talk to you Christo;) inspired me to come back and remain connected, even though online connection never will replace the richness of real, face-to-face connection with friends. I miss those connections immensely.

In the meantime, I just signed up into a new workshop, always stimulating and exciting. 

Table top from Diane Culhane workshop is a  short drawing and painting class  which I’ve been wanting to do for some time.  

Here’s my first take of my table top..

A messy table top, trying different combinations, and an empty coffee cup;). 

I’m loving this experiment and am ready to try on a larger piece. 

This one is another experiment, mixing techniques.
Even though this turned out very flat, I’m Loving the fact that I am now confident enough to try without following ‘rules’. It’s like baking a cake without following the recipe completely, making my own version of it;) 

Now let’s try to be loose with the recipe ! 

lost focus

Sorry dear friends for being so absent. Thought of closing this blog as my attention isn’t towards it at the moment.
I could post more often but struggle to see the need…
So I’ll leave it dormant for now. via Pinterest

on via Pinterest

Keep on keeping on…

Sketching away

I recently visited  Melbourne. My first time!! A nice treat as Darwin can feel at times claustrophobic and with very limited choices! Melbourne was gorgeous and very refreshing. Friends, food, nice cafés, shops…everything was so enjoyable! 


It reminded me in so much of Montreal. Or Auckland;)

The endless diversity and stimulation…a bliss!

My way of using time and easing my flying related anxiety is to sketch away…

And then back home


The Whistler

By Mary Oliver

All of a sudden she began to whistle By all of a sudden I mean that for more than thirty years she had not whistled. It was thrilling. At first I wondered, who was in the house, what stranger? I was upstairs reading, and she was downstairs. As from the throat of a wild and cheerful bird, not caught but visiting, the sounds warbled and slid and doubled back and larked and soared.

Finally I said, Is that you whistling? Yes, she said, I used to whistle, a long time ago. Now I see I can still whistle. And cadence after cadence she strolled through the house, whistling.

I know her so well, I think, I thought. Elbow and ankle. Mood and desire. Anguish and frolic. Anger too. And the devotions. And for all that, do we even begin to know each other? Who is this I’ve been living with for thirty years?

This clear, dark, lovely whistler?
  And a few  recent lil’faces;) mixed media for most

I felt bored and uninspired with my creativity lately so I decided to paint faces intuitively and quickly. Good exercise to stimulate my practice!