just try

When I started to seriously embrace my creativity 18 months ago, I knew very little about art supplies. Do you know for instance that you can paint on carboard? I love cardboard now…(merci Anne;)



It’s interesting actually how a cheap surface influences my process…I am more spontaneous, more daring, without thinking about the result, more about the experience or experiment!

My friend Lyn asked me what helped to tackle portraits and if I had any suggestion.. I’d say..just try!

Before starting this 100 Faces Challenge, I didn’t think I was good enough. I didn’t think I would dare showing up. And the fact is, there are many many more talented artists who are better at painting portraits. But here is another fact: I am enjoying it!!

I really loved Carla Sonheim online class DRAW. It definitely helped me to start with basic drawing skills, contour, blind, haiku and so on…

She delivers fun and interesting techniques in short videos, which are very accessible for all sorts!



My curiosity and desire took me places I never thought I would visit…

been quiet

Yes I have…
Slowly gaining energy after iron issues…

but if I have been quiet on the blog, I kept painting and drawing…
I am still working on my 100 faces challenge. A slow progress that brings
me joy!


Here are the latest

I bought some new graphic watersoluble pencils and had a good fun trying them out


A bird boy inspired by my friend Anne checked out by a swimming cap girl! This last one was part of a spontaneous series with artist friends around the world…Anne, Jeanne-Marie, Renee


gesso acrylic graphite pencil on carboard



and another girl with a swimming cap in pastels

I feel my style is evolving. The experiments and learnings are getting integrated… a long way to go but I’m enjoying the ride;)