Remember..I’m painting or drawing 100 faces…
I am slowly slowly getting there;)

Here are a few pieces I’ve recently done. I’ve used charcoal and gesso on paper which is a lot of fun for me, a no-fuss way of creating, where things flow easily…

For art entwined workshop, Misty Mawn made us studying several artists by observing, connecting, analysing and then re-creating our own interpretation of their art. This is such an interesting process, so rich but also challenging and profound.

This is about finding deep within myself what is my emotional response in relation to a piece and then trying to translate it with my own interpretation. The following piece was inspired by Oswaldo Guyasamin and by my friends Anne & Jeanne Marie ;)

By the way, a year ago I painted my first face in my first art journal!! Things are evolving;)

have a great week end dear ones💚


I recently saw a wonderful documentary about brain capacity and how our brain keeps developing special connections when we practice a sport, a music instrument or a task over and over.

What our brain does is that more we practice, more our brain builds up connection so that we keep getting better and better at this thing! 

I know this as I use mindfulness and neuroscience theoretical modalities all the time in my professional practice however watching this on tv stroke me. The emphasis was on the repetition and commitment to a certain practice. 

Does it give you hope? it certainly does for me…

A recent exchange with my friends Anne and Jeanne Marie on Instagram was a great reminder of that.

Jeanne Marie commented about a book she had read, the Talent Code, which talks about practice and talent and how talent is grown by practicing…

Great syncronicity… I think I needed this reminder for my art practice!

Here is another reminder of some sort!

Ole to you! Keep showing up!

Have a great Easter everyone xx

something happened

This is what I’ve been working on recently and I must say, I have experienced the most exciting feeling with this technique.
Mixing colors, creating values, adding a touch here or there fascinate me.
It’s like painting through my intuition, without the use of rational or analytic thinking.
Something different happened..some sort of letting go…
a very excited moi!!on cardboard

mini paintings on paper

it looks messy and I love it

 Can you tell I’m excited by this;)


The outback

This country is hard to grasp. The immensity strikes me.
It is almost scary
so much space and nothing to contain us.

With the vastness of the horizon,
we must expand, grow into it,
take as much space as we can,
integrate this immensity within us,
let it feed us; otherwise we will get swallowed, crushed, fearful and unable to accept the opportunity to be nourished by the elements.

Time too is larger.
Or slower.
The pace is different in the Outback; you look around and everything seems still, like the clock has stopped.
And yet, the sun setting reminds us that today is passing.

Or perhaps it is the energy that is still.
It is not the effervescent sea shore, with the continuous tidal movement.
Here, it’s still.
Or loud
of the heat, the birds, the gusty wind, the harshness of the land, dry and dusty.

Some people say that there is nothing out here.
Too harsh, too isolated. Hard country it is.

To see and feel the outback, you have to open yourself, leave your known world behind, open your senses to its appealing and fascinating beauty.

I had written this while on our trip across Australia, almost two years ago…
For some reasons, the desert is calling.
This is where I’d like to be right now.


I know I have written about this before but it hit me again..

Through my creative experiments and learning, I’d like to think that I am always spontaneous, embracing things, learning from opportunities…
But clearly this is not true.

Learning new skills pushes us around, isn’t it? and as much as we want to learn, we also put boundaries, consciously or unconsciously, by fear of the unknown, by fear of meeting our own limits, our own flaws…

This concept can be applied in therapy as well.. I hear times to times clients who are crying for help but refusing to do the leap…terrified by the unknown, by what they could discover about themselves or by fear of seeing their protective walls falling apart. Sadly we won’t know what lives behind those walls until we decide to let them go.

Why am I rambling about this? with the start of Misty Mawn new online art class, I got to meet face to face with some of my limits again, the ones that I am putting to myself…and as much as it annoys me, it keeps happening… I feel a multitude of paintings within myself waiting to be created and yet, I feel blocked by my fear of failing, of not knowing how, judging my limited skills and so on…

This paradox won’t sustain as my desire to create is larger than my fear…but how do we push ourselves when we are stuck…what do you do when you feel yourself caught in this limbo? what strategies worked? How nice would it be to paint like a child, without expectation, being in the moment, fully embracing what is in front of us..

It reminds me this quote i read on Lisa Sonora‘s blog…paint like a dog goes after a bone.

So that’s what I will do…